Why Vona

Problems You May Face When Manufacturing in China

Problems you may face Vona’s Solutions
Communication(Time and Language) They speak “Chinese” and their night is your day. Professional English Speaking Experts. All emails will be responded within 24 Hours.
Sampling You will be asked to pay for samples Most samples will be free because Vona has connections with over 500 Chinese suppliers.
Travel Flights can be expensive. Multiple trips may be required. Organizing food, accommodation, and the local transport can be complex. Vona operates offices in China. We will help you inspect the whole process. Besides, we offer Business Travel Program to our valuable clients in order to reduce the travel cost.
Contacts/POs A formal PO and contract is essential. ​Vona offers contract support and your contract will be reviewed by our attorneys.
Intellectual property(IP) protection The legal system is under construction and varies from province to province and city to city. Vona will help you register IP in China by our professional Chinese lawyers.
Order Quantities Chinese suppliers like high volumes. Based on our suppliers database, we can math your order with a suitable supplier. That’s why we can source for small business with low MOQ.
Payment Payments are made almost via one of two methods: electronic bank transfer or letter of credit. ​ Vona offers more secure payment methods: check, credit credit or PayPal that will lower your risk of payments.
Quality Quality level often often depends on your involvement in the process. Based on our rich experience and hard-working QC team, we are proud to offer ​Quality Assurance service.
Shipping & logistics Many suppliers focus just on production and may not have the logistical experience or licensing to export the product out of China. We are proud to offer shipping service with the help of our experienced export experts in China.

Problems You May Face When Manufacturing in China


Problems you may have:

  • If you search 5 suppliers each item, buying 5 types items needs to contact 25 suppliers. That will drive you crazy.  
  • For many products, prices on Alibaba are quite high. Because many of them are trading companies, and producers don’t know English or online business.
  • Lack of IPR protection, payment protection and quality assurance.

Trading Company​​

Problems you may have:

  • Your costs will be higher, as a trading company will make margin on the goods being sourced.
  • Hard to discover information about the supply chain, and you will still need to be on the lookout for product quality issues.

Commission-Based Sourcing Agent

Problems you may have:

  • All sourcing agents or companies always serve for big amount orders, or high value products.
  • Very low working efficiency via Emails, taking weeks or month to settle done your orders.
  • High quoted price, hidden fee, kickback, and bad price negotiation skills with suppliers.
  • Commission ranges from 3 to 10 percent of the purchase price.

Sourcing Service Provider

Problems you may have:

  • Using such a service denies you the opportunity to learn about the Chinese market.
  • The cost runs higher at the beginning of the transaction.

Vona’s Solutions
Vona is a professional China manufacturing firm-Owns factories and works with over 500 Chinese manufacturers

Registered in the US and China

  • Efficient Communication
  • Building Trust
  • Lower Risk

Professional Manufacturing Firm

  • Own Three Factories
  • Work With Over 500 Suppliers
  • Best Quality Guarantee

Step-by-Step Model

  • Well-Defined Strategy
  • Well-Defined Standards for Suppliers

High Level Protection

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Payment Protection
  • Protection for Quality Issues
  • Written Contracts Reviewed by Attorneys

Our Advantages

Good Quality Control: Vona handles from the raw material to final products. All our partner suppliers passed BSCI factory audit. Vona’s three-step quality control process will make sure every product is in good condition. Vona always believes “Every customer deserves a good-quality product.”

Reasonable Price: Vona handles the whole process and has good relationships with hundreds of suppliers. This can help us reduce the cost a lot. Vona promises all quotations we provided are fair and reasonable.

High IP( Intellectual Property) Protection: Vona controls the whole manufacturing process and all products are assembled/packaged in the Vona-owned factory, this will help us to protect intellectual property. In addition, as a both China and US registered company, Vona follows both US and China laws to protect clients’ information and intellectual property.

Easy Communication: As you know, many issues are caused by bad communications and misunderstandings. Vona is an English-speaking team and some team members are used to live in foreign countries for many years. We understand your value and culture.

Rich experience in China manufacturing: Vona has experience of sourcing and manufacturing a wide range of products. Most team members have over 10 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Vona provides many professional manufacturing suggestions to clients. This can help reduce the manufacturing cost and lead time.

Vona Manufacture- Trust. Transparency. Integrity.