Electronic Manufacturing

Vona Manufacture operates one assembly factory and works with ​varieties of electronic manufacturing companies, providing OEM/ODM manufacturing for consumer electronics, new energy(solar, wind, waterpower) products, LED, touch screen, battery, etc. We have helped over 60 global clients source or manufacture electronic products in China successfully. The company’s experience including:

  • PCB
  • Heater
  • Solar Energy
  • PLC
  • Touch Screen
  • Industrial Electronics​
  • LED
  • Battery
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Power Bank/ Station
  • Electronic Testing

Have your own designs?
​More than 80% of the cost of an electronic device is in the components used, so it is on the Bill of Materials that battles are won and lost. Vona Manufacture has good relationships with over 100 electronic components suppliers, plastic manufacturers and metal manufacturers in China. In addition, Vona owns an assembly factory in Ningbo city. That means, we can control the supplier chain from material to finished products. Compare to other electronic manufacturing companies, the cost of our projects is 15.6% lower.  It is FREE to get a quotation from us. Why not contact us and send us your designs? We will provide you an amazing electronic manufacturing solution with lower cost and better quality.

Don’t have designs?
​Why not buy wholesale electronic products from China? Vona works with many electronic suppliers. We can help you source good quality electronic products in China. We provide sourcing services for Amazon Sellers, Ebay Sellers, Wish Sellers, etc. We are small business friendly. Feel free to contact us!

Our Unique Service Steps for Plastic Products

Your Side

  • Contact Us, Sign NDA and Send Us Drawings
  • Make the Payment of Prototype Cost
  • Check the Prototype and Send Us Your Feedbacks
  • Approve the Prototype is Good For Mass Production

Our Side

  • We Will Review the Drawing and Send You the Formal Quotation
  • Make the Prototype After We Receive the Payment
  • Revise the Prototype until Perfect Based on Your Feedbacks
  • Mass Production, Quality Inspection and Shipping

Electronic Products We have Sourced or Manufactured