How to Avoid the Late Delivery

U​Late delivery is always a big problem. When the December is drawing near, l will get a lot of letters from my client. They are worried about the goods delivery date. The following tips will help you avoid the late delivery. Prepare Your Order 45-60 Days before Chinese New YearUsually, most factories will be closed…
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Manufacturing Processes For Metal Products

When designing a new product, the mechanical engineer and the industrial designer should choose the best manufacturing process. Using the right manufacturing process can reduce the cost and improve the quality. Here are some common processes to produce metal parts. Casting:Casting is a manufacturing process in which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold, which contains a…
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How To Find A Shoe Factory In China?

Vona Consulting owns three factories in China. Many people ask me: how to find a good shoe factory in China? Recently, I did a lot of research on shoe factories and visited more than 30 shoe factories in China. It is not hard to find a shoe factory in China, but you have to consider…
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How To Get A Product Made?

Over the years when working at Vona Consulting, many starting entrepreneurs have asked me – how to get a product made? People often have good product ideas and business plans, but lack knowledge of how to move forward and turn their ideas into reality. The following suggestions are a good starting point to all new…
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